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Welcome to Spa by JW

Welcome to Spa by JW, a wellness experience that favour's simplicity over complexity, clarity over mystery. Spa by JW delivers experiential treatments & retail that are tailored to your exact needs and focused on delivering four distinctive benefits — Calm, Balance, Nourish and Renew. Whether you’re fatigued from a long journey or simply desire a retreat, allow us to provide a mindful spa journey that nourishes the soul. Our four Benefit States are featured throughout the JW Spa Wellness menu. Look for the icon that symbolizes the benefit you’d like to experience, you can layer your treatment experiences or focus on one specific benefit.
Massage at Spa by JW Vancouver


Un-wind, release and let go of the accumulated stresses and tensions of a fast-paced life. When we slow down, we are better able to sink into deep calm and relaxation. And it is this place of tranquillity that the body and mind can recover, so you’re ready to take on whatever comes next.
Relaxing with Tea at Spa by JW


The stresses and challenges of everyday life sometimes deplete us and tap our vital energy and radiance. To be the best version of ourselves inside and out, we need to fill our cup back up and replenish. Our nourishing, head-to-toe rituals will feed your skin and soul, so that you can re-emerge with vibrant well-being.
Balance at Spa by JW


Find your centre, align, and harmonize. When our physical structure is in balance, and our mind and emotions are centered, we can optimize our performance both personally and professionally.
Renew at Spa by JW


Going fast and constantly multi-tasking out in the world, can wear us out. Recharge by restoring depleted energy so that you can embrace life to its fullest. Refresh and replenish by revitalizing head to toe.


  • Sunday - Thursday: 10AM - 6PM
  • Fri - Sat: 9AM - 9PM

Aqua Lounge

  • 7 Days a week, 7AM - 9PM

Hydrotherapy Tub

  • 7 Days a week, 9AM - 9PM

Fitness Centre

  • 7 Days a week, 24 Hours